Villainous: Thanos 1000

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Claim infinite power with a snap of your fingers and our “Marvel Villainous: Thanos” puzzle! If you held the galaxy in your palm, would you crush it like an eggshell? The Mad Titan Thanos will! In his quest for the Infinity Stones and Gauntlet, the galactic overlord battles many heroes, including Adam Warlock, Drax, Captain Marvel, Gamora and Vision. Obsessed with Lady Death, Thanos’s genocidal campaign is meant to pay her homage. Will his compulsion for order fulfill his twisted vision of a perfect universe and prove his eternal devotion, or will it alienate her forever?
Dimensions =38.1 x 27.94 x 5.08 cm
Weight 450 g
Players: 2–6
Age: 10+

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