Unicorns and Urinals Number Two

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Unicorns & Urinals is the dreamy and dirty word game that really takes the (urinal) cake! The clue-giver tries to get their team to guess two unrelated and outrageous word pairs that start with the same letter, from ‘Chains & Cherries’ to ‘Licorice & Lubricant.’ It takes teamwork and a quick wit get through as many cards as you can before the time run out. Like they say, you can lead a unicorn to a urinal, but you can’t make it pee. Unicorns and Urinals Number Two is the dreamier and dirtier, x-rated expansion pack to the outrageous original Unicorns and Urinals. This expansion deck offers 220 naughty new word duos to task your team members to guess. Think fast before your opponents flush you of your points. Fun and racy content that doesn’t push it too far. This spicy and suggestive game can be purchased to play alone or mixed into the original game for added fun. Dimensions 5.47 x 3.58 x 2.52 inches Weight 270 g Players: 4–99 Age: 16+

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