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  • ENGAGING STRATEGY: Master the art of farming and resource management in the bountiful Hallertau region. Plan your moves wisely, balance your resources, and make strategic choices to optimize your farm's growth and prosperity. Every decision you make will impact the development of your settlement and the success of your endeavors.
  • VIBRANT GAMEPLAY: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Hallertau, where lush fields and picturesque landscapes surround you. The game's stunning artwork and intricately designed components draw you into a rich and immersive gaming experience. Each turn is filled with excitement and anticipation as you witness your farm and village come to life.
  • CULTIVATE YOUR FARM: From planting crops to raising livestock, Hallertau offers a wide array of farming activities. Carefully select your crops and animals, manage your fields, and adapt to the changing seasons to ensure a fruitful harvest. As you cultivate your farm, explore unique strategies to maximize your yield and create a thriving agricultural community.
  • EXPAND YOUR VILLAGE: In addition to farming, Hallertau allows you to develop your village by constructing essential buildings. Build structures such as breweries, mills, and warehouses to enhance your productivity and efficiency. Attract visitors and fulfill their needs to gain valuable rewards and expand your influence across the region.
  • UNLEASH YOUR SKILLS: Hallertau presents a dynamic and challenging gameplay experience that rewards clever planning and tactical thinking. Compete against other players to showcase your strategic prowess and claim the title of the most successful farmer in the Hallertau region. Every playthrough offers new opportunities and challenges, making each game a unique and enjoyable experience.

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