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  • Anno 1800 is an epic city-building strategy board game based on Ubisoft’s popular PC game of the same name.
  • Players strive to build up their industrial might as they develop an island society at the dawn of the industrial age.
  • Players must plan their development strategies and supply chains carefully while keeping an eye on the distribution of specialized roles within their territories. The objective of the game is to plan for an even distribution of farmers, workers, craftsmen, engineers, and investors.
  • By the best-selling game designer Martin Wallace, whose other hit games include Brass: Birmingham (BGG Rank #3), Brass: Lancashire (BGG Rank #17), Age of Steam (BGG Rank #120), A Few Acres of Snow (BGG Rank #329), and Australia (2018 BGG Rank #657).
  • 120 minutes of gameplay for 2 to 4 players, ages 12 and above.

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