Lacuna - Our new favourite 2 player game.

2 Players

10–15 Min

Playing Time

Age: 8+

 Designer Mark Gerrits

Artist Nick Liefhebber

Publisher CMYK

Lacuna means empty space, which is coincidentally what this game filled in my board game collection. I’m frequently in need of a game that I can set up in a couple minutes, maybe a game that I could play on a lunch break, or if I were teleported back to the 19th century something to play before my favourite TV show comes on.

Set up is simple, pour cute wooden flowers over a cute cloth mat… annnd that’s it. On your turn place your statuette between two of the shapes and collect the pieces end, alternating between you and your friend until you have placed all six. In phase two simply remove your statuette capturing the nearest flower. The winner is the player who was able to collect 4 sets of 4.

This game offer a competitive calmness that you would imagine playing ticktacktoe in a Japanese zen garden and I can;t get enough of it.


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