Flick, Stack and Play: The Best Way to Go Screen Free

In the diverse world of board games, dexterity games stand out for their unique blend of physical skill, strategic thinking, and sheer fun. Unlike traditional board games, which often rely on dice rolls or card draws, dexterity games require players to apply physical skills such as flicking, balancing, or precise placement. This genre of games not only tests your mental acuity but also challenges your hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while keeping the games accessible to both the young and old. Among the sea of dexterity games, a trio stand out for their engaging gameplay and widespread appeal: Crokinole, Rhino Hero, and Suspend. Let's explore what makes these games our favourites in the genre.

Crokinole: A Timeless Flicking Game

A Canadian classic, Crokinole is the dexterity game that has stood the test of time. Played on a large, circular wooden board, the game involves flicking small discs towards a central target area divided into scoring zones. The objective is simple yet challenging: to score points by landing your discs in high-value regions while knocking your opponents' discs away. 

Crokinole's beauty lies in its simplicity, requiring players to master the art of flicking with precision and strategic foresight. The game can be played one-on-one or in teams, making it a versatile option for gatherings of all sizes.

Rhino Hero: A Heroic Stacking Challenge

Rhino Hero is a big game in a tiny box, offering a twist on the stacking genre. Players take turns building a card tower using foldable wall cards and roof cards, the latter of which dictate the next player's actions. The twist? The game's superhero, Rhino Hero, must climb the tower, moving from floor to floor without causing the structure to collapse. This game tests players' balancing skills and strategic planning, as they must decide where to place Rhino Hero to ensure the tower's stability while trying to make the task challenging for the next player. 

Rhino Hero is a fantastic game for all ages, and the small form factor makes slipping this game in the backpack a simple way to bring a game on the go.

Suspend: The Balancing Act

Suspend is a captivating game that takes the concept of balance to a whole new level.  That level? Slightly above your table. Players take turns hanging metal rods on a central frame, attempting to add all of their pieces without toppling the structure. Each rod's unique shape and the varying points of contact make this seemingly simple task a complex puzzle of physics and foresight. Suspend is a game of risk and reward, demanding precision and strategic thinking as players decide where to place their pieces to maintain balance while anticipating their opponents' moves. Its simplicity and depth make Suspend a hit among players of all ages.

Family Time Starts Together

Dexterity games like Crokinole, Rhino Hero, and Suspend offer a refreshing break or introduction from or into the more classic board games, engaging players in a physical and mental challenge. These games prove that sometimes, the simplest concepts can lead to the most entertaining and competitive gameplay. Whether you're flicking, stacking, or balancing, dexterity games test your skills in unique and exciting ways, making them a beloved genre for all ages. 

Next time you're looking for a game, aim for one of these three or come into our store and try them yourself. Sharpen your fine motor skills and create lasting memories with friends and family, one flick, stack, and balance at a time.